Dorema has always housed a doctor’s surgery. The building was originally erected for Dr Alexander Butler in the late 19th century. As was usual in those days he practised from his own home. Patients would sit in his dining room and the sitting room acted as the consulting room. Dorema was then bought by Dr Peter Alexander Laird in 1901. Dr Laird retired from medical practice in 1948 and died at Dorema in April 1951.

The villa was divided into an upper and lower flat at that time and the surgery was continued by Dr Peebles-Brown and Dr Wilfred Robinson. Since then the surgery has gradually expanded and in 2006 Dr McLellan and Dr Simpson purchased the upper flat, reinstated the staircase and now the whole building is again surgery premises. Upstairs is totally admin and downstairs houses all clinical staff with five surgeries and a treatment room suite. The building has now all the advantages of a modern health centre but the charm which goes with an old building.

The doctors are therefore proud of continuing a tradition which has lasted well over 100 years.

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